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Roommate Questionnaire

Please fill out all of the fields in the questionnaire below. For any questions, please call 970-498-0206.


The Basics

I am:
I am:
I am a smoker:
I am a drinker:

Describe Yourself

I am willing to share small items: (cd's, dishes, food, etc.)
I need to be left alone without intrusions:

About Me

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I prefer to live with

By clicking Submit, I understand that it is the usual policy of Ram's Village to let applicants form their own living group. Because I do not have a complete group, I understand this form will be used to help assess my compatibility with other potential roommates. I understand my information will be shared with other individuals also looking for roommates. I understand and agree that Ram's Village can place me with other qualified individuals looking for roommates without prior notice.